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In the modern era of professional wrestling, it’s very rare that you have a female come along who has every tool! With a rare mix of stunning beauty, raw power and undeniable talent, Mandy Leon is the exception to that rarity.


A young woman of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Italian and French descent, the Brooklyn, New York native is a graduate of the Ring of Honor Dojo. As an experienced model and actress, her transition into professional wrestling has been one that has shocked many!


As a fan of professional wrestling her whole life, Mandy always dreamed of one day stepping into a  professional wrestling ring. On Friday April 18, 2014 she achieved that dream when she faced off with Jenny Rose. Leon showed the world that she is destined for great things in Professional Wrestling. With outstanding accomplishments since then...she has proven to be unstoppable! The HOTTEST free agent in the business. 


Her efforts do not stop with just being an International Wrestling Superstar... She is also a member of the Ring of Honor broadcast team, an experienced actress, model, host, commentator, referee, stunt woman...& more! 


With fire in her eyes and the ambition to continue making history and following her dreams, you will want to keep your eyes on Mandy Leon.

Mandy Leon



International Professional Wrestler, TV Personality, Broadcaster, Host, Actress, Stunt Woman...You name it! 

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